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  1. Wedding Photos

    April 26, 2012 by Gary D. Swanson Sr.

    These shots were all taken by Natural Images by Allie, a pro photographer and can be purchased on her website for a few more days only.

  2. Wedding Video

    April 14, 2012 by Gary D. Swanson Sr.

    I took a lot of video yesterday – there was a pro photographer there and I did not want flash from my camera to interfere with her.  Natural Images by Allie is highly recommended!

    Will put the video back soon – Facebook change the methods…

    We had a great day!  Again, I am so happy for Gary and Isabeau!

  3. The Wedding Day

    April 13, 2012 by Gary D. Swanson Sr.

    Last night, in Newington, we rehearsed and then celebrated at dinner their love, as well as our love for them both.  There is one thing left for them to do and us to so proudly stand in at, the ceremony by the sea.  I am quite sure I will forever have this day in my mind…I wish them each, and more importantly together, the new couple, that their life is rich in joy, in love, and that all we wish for them is fulfilled.

    Now, the official announcement:

    Today, Gary and Isabeau shall exchange vows in the company of many at:

    6:30 PM

    May the world celebrate with us (but please come only if invited :-) the marriage ceremony of Gary Swanson and Isabeau LaPierre at:

    the Elks Lodge
    500 Jones Avenue
    Portsmouth, NH

    Google Map:

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    The Wedding Party for Gary Swanson and Isabeau LaPierre:

    Maid of Honor: Christina Swanson

    Sara Wittiman
    Megan Sughrue
    Jackie Weinand
    Danielle Gould
    Jade, flowergirl

    Best Man: Anthony Silva

    Phillip Swanson
    Skyler O’Connor
    Tom Lapierre III
    Kendall Coffey
    Joshua Matakanski, ringbearer

    Daniel Lapierre

    Laurel Brigham

    Your hosts (who have done so much to make this a special day and soon will celebrate their own thirtieth anniversary):

    Michelle and Tom Lapierre II

    The grooms father, I, wish each and all a special day!  May your unending love be renewed each day of your lives.  May you hold forever our love and blessings of a life filled with all that it can and will be.  Cherish each other each and every moment of your lives.

    We will all cherish this day forever!  We love you!

    (Look soon for pics and videos!)