Gallery – Gary Jr

April 8, 2012 by Gary D. Swanson Sr.

I (Dad of Groom) have added 70 pics so far – 20 per page – 4 pages – see the page menu at bottom of post or view as slideshow – the first set are ones Gary wanted included after looking through all the photographs I had from film and the rest are from digital cameras…I still need to add captions to some and update the order for the first part and a few in the middle…to exit the ‘lightbox effect’ after clicking a thumbnail, just click the image again.  Now to start Beau’s!  Note load times are PC and ISP specific, so if it’s slow for you, try it at a friends or at the library, etc…


  1. Betty & Ken says:

    Gary, Jr! What a cutey! Ken & I are looking forward to your (2nd!) wedding day!

  2. Gary D. Swanson Sr. says:

    As are we all!

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