Pre-Wedding Photos

Here we will create a Gallery of Pre-Wedding Photos!

Gary and Isabeau

Gary and Isabeau



  1. Gary D. Swanson Sr. says:

    Send me those pics!

  2. tomwaters1 says:

    looks good! how do I add photos, or do I send them to you, Gary Sr?

    • Gary D. Swanson Sr. says:

      If you are comfortable with the role of ‘Author’ on the site, I can make you an Author and you can post and upload media. If not, send them to me and I will include them. Also, I still need to add a plugin for slideshows with some lightbox/jquery effects which I will add and test this weekend. The exif/meta data for the images can be pulled in from uploaded or sent files so that is a good way to include your own captions/titles etc. (which is quite helpful). Any questions, give me a call.

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